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A note from Miss Fiona

Here at Fiona’s Fancy Feet we have highly trained teachers who have extensive knowledge in their specific subject, continually strive to better themselves and who develop their teaching through their own training/CPD.

For those who wish to dance on to a professional level and look into a career in dance and/or teaching we can provide a strong foundation of classes, offer shows, give students the opportunity to take exams under the Imperial Society of Teacher of Dancing and offer regular guest teachers/workshops with other performing arts specialists.

As Principal I always strive to make my school the best it can be and offer the most I can to our students, but for me personally my main aim and value for FFF is that everyone enjoys the power and love that is dance.

Whether students come to be the next famous dancer, or have been sent to learn another level of discipline, maybe they come to keep fit and active, perhaps because their friends go and they enjoy the social aspect of the class and making friends? Whatever your reason may be, my aim is that you enjoy each class and get from it what YOU want. Dance can make friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

That is why I love dance, that is why I love teaching and that is why I run a school I love.

Miss Fiona xx

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